Adam was born in Munich to Hungarian immigrants in the 70’s. His relatives include a female opera singer and „Orange Jules”, a music producer and painter. Adam attended the keyboard school and learned about chords and harmonies from an  early age. When Adam, alias „Ant on Wax” was 14 years old he started producing electronic music on his brother’s Amiga 500. He composed the hits for the teenager’s birthday parties in the local youth center.

Soon, Adam began to work on his own computer. More music was produced with the first software, mail ordered Public Domain from Finland for $35. In 1995 a young businessman Michael was interested in the music that Adam and his friend „Dan Tunez” were producing. The businessman supplied everything that was needed for the first music studio, where trance and techno music was to be produced. For the next two years Adam would spend all his time between the studio and school.

The studio was located in at Dan Tunez’ basement. It was full of electronic instruments and had cavern style walls. Some releases followed, on the labels  „Frankfurt Beat Records”, „Minimal Request Recordings” and „House Trash Records”. At that time the first collaboration with a session musician started. „Master Funk”, a guitar-player, who influenced the „Kinder Cellar” sound with his own inspiration. This gave the mainly electronic sound some live and breath.

Since the studio had not been of enough use to the investor, the main components were sold after two years, excluding the parts, that „Ant on Wax” was able to buy with his savings.

Together with the guitar player and „Gogo” a common friend, „Studio24” was founded. Music was produced here for the following few years. More and more sessions with singers and musicians like „AOC”, „DoppelEffekt” and „Romano Sole” were the base for the new music productions. In 2004 a cover version of an american children’s classic was produced with some talented performers. BMG and Sony Music showed interest for the project, just it was never released, hence the singers were not well known to the public.

In that same year Adam got to know the singer „Lavinia Jones”, who was searching for a new challenge. They composed an trip-hop album together with fellow musicians across the Internet. The album provided the soundtrack for the movie „Das Musikill”. The album did not sell very well. A second CD was produced, but never released. After that Adam decided to go back to his Hungarian roots and moved to Budapest. He is living here since 2006.

In existence now is the „BudaBeat Recording And Mastering Studio”. Here a lot of new recordings are produced with vocalists, musicians, and bands. The style of music is always chosen by the artists that are collaborating with Adam. He just influences the music with his personal touch, much like a cook would spice up a soup. Since BudaBeat started , new creative artists are constantly arising  in Adam’s life.

In 2007 an audio jingle for a news show was created here. A song for Lufthansa’s newsletter was released with the aid of a German agency and Adam started to get in touch with licensing agencies in order to professionally offer content for in-store radios and background music.

The following year, 2008, three projects to be named: The collaboration with the 10 member band „Orkestra Bohemika”, which consists of modern gypsy pop music. Furthermore there was work done on an electronic-oriental music cocktail with the singer „Guru Gina Gilani”, who has a strong Asian influence. Guitar player „Noar”, who studied music and singing in London, also collaborated with Adam on some excellent projects.

Since end of 2009 the simple BudaBeat Studio has opened its doors to the public and now everyone is able to record in the center of Budapest. 

During 2010 Adam met two directors, both in the need of music for their motion picture. Together with a clarinet and guitar player from Luxembourg, Adam was working on the background music of the french TV comedy, „Pigeons Voyageur”. The demand of the french director was a sound in the style of „Emir Kusturica”. For the other movie project Adam was working together with a professional violin player, singer and synthesizer artist. Here the director was requesting various styles from classical to atmospheric synthesizer music.

Between 2011 and 2016 Adam was in a creative break with looking into different topics than music.

Starting 2017 Adam was collaborating with the Kenyan singer „Sharamo” for peaceful and pleasing songs written by her in Swahili language. They both compose together. Ant on Wax also released a Best Of compilation with released and unreleased tracks called „Gems”. It is available at CD Baby, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon and AppleMusic. Adam also attended the Understanding of Music seminar in April and the Understanding of Songwriting seminar in October. In the end of 2017 he started to collaborate with his two friends: David from Temesvar, a virtuoso on the guitar and Fanni, a singer from Miskolc. They plan to introduce a live project for the festivals of 2018.

From 2020 Adam finally started to focus much more on the BudaBeat Studio and worked on educating Students: Gonzalo from Spain was during an Erasmus Internship working at BudaBeat Studio for three month. His successor Luka learns about the secret Business Plan that Adam developed throughout the last 10 years: “How to generate passive income from music without much understanding of music”. More to come about this topic in late 2021, most likely a blog and a completely new homepage on the domain